Orthopaedic Lazy Dog Bed - Green - Water Repellent

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Size Medium - 80x58x5-8 (WxLxH) in cm

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Let your dog experience the ultimate comfort with our Lazy Bed! Designed with a unique U-shape to meet your dog's natural instincts, it provides the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Made with a water-repellent material, it's great for dogs of all ages. Designed with exclusive 4D Hyperatmos memory foam. The curved design fits their spine perfectly, just like how they love to dig before resting. Lazy dog beds are designed to be comfortable but not too soft, providing a certain weight support. Ideal for indoor and covered outdoor places.

NOTE: Colours may vary slightly due to screen settings and lighting during the photography. 

Medium: W80xL58xH5-8cm
Large: W110xL58xH5-8cm

Cover: Polyester
Inner Pad: Polyolefin Elastomer 100%
Filling: Polyester Staple Fiber 100%
The bed is water-repellent


Free from BPA, formaldhyde and toxic substances.

Cleaning instructions of the inner pad

  1. Take out the inner pad. It can only be washed by hand.
  2. Water flush under 60℃.
  3. After wash, place it in a ventilated area and avoid direct sunlight.

Cleaning instructions of the cover

  1. Put it in a washer at 30℃ with a washing bag.
  2. Do not bleach and use fabric softener.
  3. Do not iron and tumble dry after wash.


  1. Keep the inner pad away from high-temperature sources.
  2. Do not put an electric blanket on the bed.


Give your furr baby the comfort they deserve with our luxury dog bed. Designed with anti-slip features, your furry friend can safely and comfortably step into their cozy spot.


Unlike other orthopaedic beds in the market, the Lazy bed is designed to be comfortable yet not too soft, providing the perfect support for the spine.

Next Gen Material

Elevate your dog's comfort with our exclusive 4D Hyperatmos fiber inner pad. Not only is it easily washable, but it also ensures breathability for a truly refreshing rest. Yes, you heard it right - no more fussing over unclean pads!

More on 4D Hyperatmos Fiber

Pressure Tested. After pressing 80,000 times, it still preserves 95% of it's thickness.

Breathable. Eliminates any excessive heat and moisture effectively, so the dog can maintain a comfortable body temperature while resting.

Washable. Easy to wash, allowing frequent cleaning and takes a minimum amount of time to dry.

Hypoallergenic. Prevents building any moisture inside, so to keep germs and dust-mites away!

Easy clean

Furs will not stick to it. Easy clean with lint roller, or just tap the bed and furs will fall off!

Bed Measurements


Medium: W80xL58xH5-8cm
Large: W110xL58xH5-8cm

Eco Friendly

Our pet beds are non-toxic and recyclable. Not only it takes care of your furr budies, but also makes an effort to protect the earth. Free from BPA, formaldhyde and toxic substances.

No harmful material are added to our products. The manufacturer has passed SGS, TUV and Intertek certifications for it's products.