Orthopaedic Dog Flannel Bed - Blue & Grey

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Size Small - 65x45x5 (LxWxH) in cm.

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Pamper your furry friend with our Orthopaedic Flannel Bed. Made with microfiber fabric to prevent fur from sticking, and filled with our exclusive 4D Hyperatmos foam for ultimate comfort and orthopaedic support.

Plus, it has a reversible cover for versatile styling options. Suitable for all dogs and cats, easy to wash and breathable for their well-being. 

NOTE: Colours may vary slightly due to screen settings and lighting during the photography. 

Small: W65xL45xH5cm
Medium: W80xL55xH5cm
Large: W110xL70xH5cm

Cover: Microfiber & Polyester
Inner Pad: Polyolefin Elastomer 100%

Blue/Grey combination

Free from BPA, formaldhyde and toxic substances.

Cleaning instructions of the inner pad

  1. Take out the inner pad. It can only be washed by hand.
  2. Water flush under 60℃.
  3. After wash, place it in a ventilated area and avoid direct sunlight.

Cleaning instructions of the cover

  1. Put it in a washer at 30℃ with a washing bag.
  2. Do not bleach and use fabric softener.
  3. Do not iron and tumble dry after wash.


  1. Keep the inner pad away from high-temperature sources.
  2. Do not put an electric blanket on the bed.


Suitable for all types of dogs and cats. Non-stick cover, convenient to clean furs. Just tap the bed and furs will fall off!

Stylist yet simple design

The orthopedic inner pad is perfect for your dog's spine and joints.

Next Gen Material

Elevate your dog's comfort with our exclusive 4D Hyperatmos fiber inner pad. Not only is it easily washable, but it also ensures breathability for a truly refreshing rest. Yes, you heard it right - no more fussing over unclean pads!

Reversible cover

More choice, more style.

More on 4D Hyperatmos Fiber

Pressure Tested. After pressing 80,000 times, it still preserves 95% of it's thickness.

Breathable. Eliminates any excessive heat and moisture effectively, so the dog can maintain a comfortable body temperature while resting.

Washable. Easy to wash, allowing frequent cleaning and takes a minimum amount of time to dry.

Hypoallergenic. Prevents building any moisture inside, so to keep germs and dust-mites away!

Bed Measurements


Small: W65xL45xH5cm
Medium: W80xL55xH5cm
Large: W110xL70xH5cm

Eco Friendly

Our pet beds are non-toxic and recyclable. Not only it takes care of your furr budies, but also makes an effort to protect the earth. Free from BPA, formaldhyde and toxic substances.

No harmful material are added to our products. The manufacturer has passed SGS, TUV and Intertek certifications for it's products.

Customer Reviews

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Worth investing bed

So far the best bed we have purchased for our dog. The bed stays in the shape. Washable cover is the best for hygiene. Dog hair doesn’t stick to the bed. And the inner is without the fluff, so no more fleece resides in the bed as well. Before, it was hard to get rid off the fleece from the bed. Now with Burrowy’s orthopaedic bed, no problem at all. Our old dog doesn’t have much issues getting up from the bed too. Thanks Burrowy for the useful product:)