Cat Tunnel Grey

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Size Ø 30x62cm (3 pieces / 1set)

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Cats love exploring small spaces, and the Cat Tunnel provides a private area for them to play and discover. The attached toy will pique their curiosity and give them more opportunities to have fun. This product offers hours of exercise, self-amusement, and a cozy hideaway for your furry friend.

There are two options for assembling: either as a tunnel or a triangle. The set comes in three pieces and can also be extended by adding another set. To make a longer Tunnel, simply add another set of Tunnel. 

The triangle setup will require 2 sets of Tunnels.

NOTE: Colours may vary slightly due to screen settings and lighting during the photography. 

Ø 30x62cm (3 pieces / 1set)

Thick non-woven fabric


Free from BPA, formaldhyde and toxic substances.

  1. Gently clean the stains with a lint roller and napkin.
  2. Hand wash with a soft brush and place it in a ventilated area after wash.
  3. The fabric may have lint after wash or regular use. If this occurs, you can remove it with scissors.
  4. Do not tumble dry.
  5. Do not bleach.
  6. Do not iron.

Assemble as you like

Use 2 pieces to assemble smaller diameter tunnel, or use all 3 pieces to assemble bigger diameter tunnel. A set comes with 3 pieces.

Make a bigger Tunnel

You can easily add a second set of Tunnel to make it bigger in length.

This setup will require 2 sets of Tunnels.

More sets, more fun!

More option!

A triangle shape setup.

This setup will require 2 sets of Tunnels.

More sets, more fun!

DIY Assembly

Easy to put the pieces together. When not in use, you can dismantle it and conveniently put it in storage. Lightweight and designed to save space.

Many vents

Interact with your cat using the vents to keep them happy and engaged.

Your feline friend will find it cozy and comfortable even during extended stays.

Cat Tunnel Measurements


Ø 30x62cm (3 pieces / 1 set)

Longer lenghth setup will require 2 or more sets.

Triangle setup will require 2 sets.

Eco Friendly

Our products are non-toxic and recyclable. Not only it takes care of your fur buddies, but also makes an effort to protect the earth. Free from BPA, formaldhyde and toxic substances.

No harmful material are added to our products. The manufacturer has passed SGS, TUV and Intertek certifications for it's products.