Cat Cave Fun Love - Pink

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Size Small - 39x47x26 (WxLxH) in cm

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Comfortable retreat: Made from high-quality materials, this Cat Cave offers a soft and inviting sanctuary for your cat. The warm, enclosed space mimics the feeling of a natural den, providing a sense of security and relaxation.

Stylish design: With its chic and modern design, the cat cave seamlessly blends into any home decor. The contemporary aesthetic makes it a stylish addition to your living space, ensuring that both you and your cat will appreciate the look.

Versatile usage: Whether your cat enjoys a quiet nap, some playful hide-and-seek, or simply observing the world from a cozy vantage point, our Cat Cave accommodates it all. Its versatile design caters to various feline preferences, making it an essential accessory for any cat lover.

Ideal gift for cat lovers: Surprise the cat enthusiast in your life with the gift of our Cat Cave. Whether it's for a birthday or just to show your appreciation, this Cat Cave is a thoughtful and practical present that both cats and their owners will adore.

Provide your cat with the ultimate retreat—order your Cat Cave today and watch as your feline companion revels in the comfort and security of their new favourite space!

NOTE: Colours may vary slightly due to screen settings and lighting during the photography. 

Small: W39xL47xH26cm

Thick non-woven fabric


Free from BPA, formaldhyde and toxic substances.

  1. Gently clean the stains with a lint roller and napkin.
  2. Hand wash with a soft brush and place it in a ventilated area after wash.
  3. The fabric may have lint after wash or regular use. If this occurs, you can remove it with scissors.
  4. Do not tumble dry.
  5. Do not bleach.
  6. Do not iron.


Our cat cave creates a cozy, safe haven for your furry friend. They can indulge in their favorite pastimes like hide-and-seek, playfully swatting at toys, or simply enjoying a peaceful nap. Five vents in the lower part of the cave provide better air circulation.


Option 1: Use it as a cave where your cat will have a private space for play and rest.

Option 2: Fold it as a bowl-shaped bed where your cat can lie in.



Small: W39xL47xH26cm

Eco Friendly

Our products are non-toxic and recyclable. Not only it takes care of your fur buddies, but also makes an effort to protect the earth. Free from BPA, formaldhyde and toxic substances.

No harmful material are added to our products. The manufacturer has passed SGS, TUV and Intertek certifications for it's products.